Monday, December 20, 2010

What Is Reality, Really?

I never feel like I can truly know anything. Because even science can fuck things up sometimes. I don't trust religion, but you can't fully trust science all of the time either. Because scientists are just people too, and even they disagree with each other about shit. And then some scientists split off into another group that uphold different truths than the first scientists. But they still use the same books as those scientists. But they give a different name to what they believe and it becomes bureaucratic and the larger groups get more money for research so their hypotheses are considered more legitimate than the ideas of the smaller groups of scientists. Seems a lot like Christianity to me.

Pluto's not a planet anymore. Doesn't that bother anyone? That they just changed that so easily? On August 23rd 2006, Pluto was a planet, and had been for many years. That was a fact. And anyone who said otherwise was a fucking idiot. On August 24th 2006, Pluto wasn't a planet anymore, that was a fact! And anyone who said otherwise... was a fucking idiot! Isn't that scary to you? That reality changed overnight! And it's not like Pluto exploded on the 24th and they were like, "Oh well, guess we can't call that a planet anymore," No! It was the same floating massive rock but we just decided otherwise. I mean who came up with that? Was it the father of a child that was going to have to repeat the 5th grade if he failed his Solar System test?
"I'm sorry Mr. Williams your son will have to repeat the 5th grade."
"Wait, what?"
"Well, he failed his solar system test. One question needed him to list all 9 planets and he forgot Pluto. That was worth 35 points."
"But, he can't...I paid a lot of money to put him in this private elementary school...I...I can't afford to pay another year! ...Pluto's not a planet anymore!" and he just slams his ID on the table, "Look at that! You see that?! I'm the chairman of the International Astronomical Union, and I say it's no longer a planet! I'm infallible!!"

That doesn't scare you that other people are redefining your reality? That makes me think I'm going to wake up tomorrow and turn on the TV:

"Reports are in. All 20 dollar bills are no longer worth 20 dollars, they're all now worth a cupcake. And that's the only thing you can trade them for. You probably should've broken them when you had the chance.

Also, all handicapped people are no longer defined as "people" and you are free to kill and eat them if you wish.

Also, Lawson, this life that you're living isn't real, it's just a 21 year pseudo reality that was constructed by the intricacies of your unconscious and every person you've met and every moment you've had is a figment of your imagination and the only real things in the universe are you, a park bench and a lifetime of sugar to keep your energy going. But even that reality isn't real, it was part of the reality constructed by another person's imagination and another person's imagination before that. All of these people sitting on park benches eating sugar, trying to come up with a better world, and it goes all the way back to God himself who created sugar, a park and a bench and tried to think up the perfect world but couldn't, so he created this chain of descendants to do it for him. The goal being that one day one of these people sitting on the park bench would imagine a world without war or injustice. A world where no one goes hungry and no one gets sick, and people come together on even the most trivial of things. Everyone loves each other and no one has to die. And the day that descendant imagines that world, God will use his powers to snap that world into the actual reality, because he always had the power but all he needed was the outline. And there we will all be, all of the people from the imaginations of all of the descendants, living together harmoniously forever. Until the end of time.

...But that hasn't happened yet. And that's why I still say that Pluto IS a planet! Because I'm a cynic, and I don't believe in that type of shit! The reality is that we're all fucked! And until my television starts talking to me, there's no reason to believe otherwise.

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