Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We get it, you don't like Dane Cook

I watch a lot of stand up comedians on youtube now. Because I'm a fan of stand up comedy. But there's this new phenomenon going around where, this is what'll happen:

You watch a video of some guy performing at comix or carolines or collegehumor or whatever. And it doesn't really matter how good I may think he is. Generally the comments go like this: 8 comments saying that they like him, and then one comment of a guy saying he's not that good. And then, a bunch of responses to that one guy, saying, "I guess you can't appreciate how clever this guy is. Who do you like, Dane Cook?" or "I guess he's not Dane Cook funny," or "What do you need, to laugh, some guy hopping around like Dane Cook?" I'm like holy shit, we get it. You don't like Dane Cook. I mean, I don't even like Dane Cook, but I don't go around pretending that I'm some stand up comedy aficionado because I don't like him. I think the inner conversation these people have while they write these comments must be, "You don't like the comedian I like? Well I'll teach you about comedy." Dane Cook is at the top f the list of getting shit on. Him, Larry the Cable Guy and Carlos Mencia. And the only one I hate of those 3 is Mencia. Because he is an absolute joke thief. I've seen enough proof. Larry the Cable Guy has his audience, he's a funny guy, might not be your cup of tea but whatever. But if you're going to scapegoat a guy at least don't be so fucking predictable.
I saw a guy on youtube once say he didn't think George Carlin was funny. I youtube argued with him for a week. I couldn't disagree with him more but at least he took a chance and put his opinion out there.

Me persoanlly, I don't really like Robin Williams. I never hear anybody say that, maybe there are people but I don't know them. And once again I'm talking about stand up, if you want to critique Patch Adams that's your own perogative. But I've watched his Broadway special and his latest, "Weapons of Self Destruction", and I realized I never really thought Robin Williams was funny. Honestly his style is comparable to that of Dane Cook's. But Robin is beloved, I guess. And I don't go around youtube saying, "What? You don't like Sean Patton? Who do you like, Robin Williams?" Because chances are good they'll say, "Yes, I do. What's your point?"